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One-to-One Classes

I provide two different types of one-to-one Japanese lessons:

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Classic one-to-one tutoring options following existing courses or tailor-made content

Study Support_600x600

Drop-in style sessions for anyone looking for some personalised input or a top-up to their existing (or non-existing!) study routine.

One-to-One Japanese Lessons | Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring classes are a one-to-one option planned specifically around your needs, requests and learning goals.

One-to-one lessons may be the right choice for you if:

  • You are looking for extra structure, motivation and support.
  • You want teaching focused specifically on you and your learning goals.
  • You want to take your Japanese studies to the next level.

There are two different types of Private Tutoring that I offer:

Private Tutoring Fees

Fees shown are per lesson unless stated otherwise.

Study OptionStandard FeeAdd-On: Homework
Option 1 | Preset Course (90mins*)£60+£25 per 10wk Course
Option 1 | Preset Course (60mins*)£40+£25 per 10wk Course
Option 2 | Tailored Lessons (60mins)£45+£5 per Lesson

*To match the pace at which courses are usually taught to groups, my standard recommendation for Preset Course lessons is 90 minutes (incl. 5min break). However, you can also select a more intensive option in which we cover the same content in 60mins. Lessons are typically scheduled on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Please get in touch with any questions.

One-to-One Japanese Lessons | Study Support

Looking for some extra input or regular sessions to practise your Japanese but not sure if traditional lessons are the right option for you? Study Support could be the right option for you.

Study Support Fees

Fees shown are per lesson.

Study OptionStandard FeeAdd-On: Homework
Study Support (60mins)£35+£5 per lesson


Lessons are generally scheduled on a regular time either weekly or fortnightly, although more flexible arrangements may be possible depending on your needs.

Click here to view my standard teaching hours or scroll down to get in touch about my availability.

Please note: I do not typically teach on weekends or during the evening (UK time). For those elsewhere in the world (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and beyond), please be sure to check how our time zones match up.

As not all students want the same level of input to complement lessons, I treat homework as an optional add-on. Homework includes two things:

  • Me setting you homework activities to be completed in between lessons.
  • Feedback on said homework provided outside of class time, most often through comments in our shared Google Drive folder.

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