About Ippo Ippo Japanese

Hello! My name is Elly and I've been learning Japanese since 2012, and teaching since 2018, officially founding Ippo Ippo Japanese in 2020. Find out more about me here.

Through Ippo Ippo Japanese, I provide teaching for both individuals and groups, with a strong focus on providing a supportive and motivating environment for students. Learning Japanese is a long but exciting process, and I hope that I can help others enjoy it even a fraction as much as I still do!

The majority of classes I teach are online, meaning that you can access Japanese lessons from wherever you are. However, if you're craving some in-person learning, I do occasionally hold events in Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), where I'm based. Sign up to the Ippo Ippo Newsletter, follow me on social media or simply get in touch to find out what's coming up soon.


Why Choose Ippo Ippo?

There are plenty of different options when it comes to choosing how, where and with whom to study Japanese, be it with a language school, an online tutoring platform or purely through self study.

While you should always look for the option that is best for you, some of the benefits of studying with Ippo Ippo include:

  • A variety of options to suit your needs and level
  • Teaching built around you and your learning aims
  • Support from someone who has made the the journey from zero knowledge to fluency as an adult learner
  • A teacher who strives to create a safe, inclusive and supportive space for all students regardless of sexuality, gender, race/ethnicity, age, neurodivergency and/or disability
  • An independent tutor with transparent pricing and excellent feedback

What Does Ippo Ippo Mean?

In Japanese, Ippo Ippo is written as 一歩一歩。

一 is the Japanese character for 'one'.

歩 is the character for 'step'.

This makes 一歩一歩 literally 'one step one step'. In other words: 'step by step' or 'one step at a time'!

The choice of name came about partly simply because of the nice, bouncy ring that 'Ippo Ippo' has to it. However, more important is the meaning.

At Ippo Ippo, learning Japanese is less about sprinting to memorise every vocab item, grammar point or kanji, and more about the process of putting one step forward at a time, finding ways to have fun and explore through the language. While there are times when you may want to up the pace, in general, a more sustainable approach is encouraged, helping you to steadily build confidence and keep up motivation in the long run.


Nihongo no benkyō, ippo ippo ganbarimashō ne!

Let's give learning Japanese our best shot, going 'ippo ippo' - one step at a time!

About the Logo

The Ippo Ippo logo shows the four kanji characters 一歩一歩 (ippo ippo) accompanied by the sun as seen in the Japanese flag.

A big thank you to @nightbook11 for this beautiful design.

Thanks also goes to everyone who kindly gave their feedback during the process of crafting it!

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about the kinds of benefits you could experience from studying with Ippo Ippo, why not find out more about what students have to say, or get in touch with any questions?

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