Teaching Hours

As of November 2023, I have shifted to a minimal teaching schedule of one day a week:

  • Thursdays, 10am-5pm

As such, my availability is very limited, and I am unlikely to be able to start teaching new students at short notice. If you would like to join my waiting list, however, please do get in touch.

Please be aware that I typically only pick up email and social media messages on Thursdays. If you need to get in touch more urgently, please do so over text or WhatsApp (WhatsApp is preferred) at +44 (0)7955 636 565 and I will get back to you ASAP.

Note: a small number of events (e.g. the Japanese Book Club) may still make take place on other days. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates.

Term Dates

I run on a teaching schedule of roughly 8 weeks per term, giving us the opportunity for regular breaks. Between terms, there is typically 1 week off.

At present, the following terms are scheduled for 2024:

  • Term 1: Wed 3rd Jan - TBC

If you are an Ippo Ippo student, I will update you directly on planned term dates and holidays.

You can also check term dates and holiday timings by emailing elly[at]ippoippojapanese.co.uk or contacting me via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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