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Looking for some extra input or regular sessions to practise your Japanese? Study Support could be the right option for you. 

What is Study Support?

Study Support is different from Tailored Lessons in that there is no pre-set lesson plan. What you want to study during your sessions is entirely up to you. You may choose to make a schedule or study plan for yourself, but it can be as flexible as you like. In fact, many students come to sessions with only a vague idea of what they want to do that day.

An important thing to mention about Study Support is that your tutor will not prepare anything specifically for your sessions together. Instead, materials may be provided on an ad-hoc basis during the lesson. This is the major difference between Tailored Lessons and Study Support.

Study Support may be a good option for you if:

  • You are looking for some extra structure and feedback to supplement your studies
  • You want the chance to practise your Japanese in a supportive environment
  • You would like to build confidence and keep motivated with learning Japanese
  • You would like help building a study plan or choosing learning materials, e.g. for the JLPT
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What is Study Support Like?

As for many people Study Support is a chance to catch up on the Japanese they have been studying and get the chance to practise using it, these sessions are often very relaxed, with plenty of time for questions, revising rusty grammar and making general chit-chat in Japanese.

You may choose to bring along use a textbook or other materials which you are working on so that we can review your work or new language points together. However, this is totally up to you. If you have no specific materials to cover during the session, you will still have notes to take away with you, and maybe a suggestion or two of new materials to take a look at.

One important part of Study Support is giving you the chance to practise your Japanese in a comfortable, supportive environment. You may treat it as a practice run before going out and practising speaking to Japanese friends or a language exchange partner!

Something else which many Study Support students find useful about these sessions is the structure and motivation they provide. Knowing that you have a time coming up when you will definitely use your Japanese can be just the push you need to keep up with your studies, and it can also be a fun chance to chat about things such as new discoveries in the realm of anime, dramas and all things Japanese.

For more information about what Study Support session may look like, have a look at Meet Your Tutor, where you can also read about the type of teaching approach you can expect with Ippo Ippo.

Study Support: What's Included?

Please be aware that Study Support does not include everything you would expect from Tailored Lessons.


  • Focused support, guidance and tips on your Japanese studies
  • Access to teaching materials relevant to the content covered in your sessions
  • Additional notes made during our session
  • Homework (where requested)

Not Included

Study Support, unlike Private Tutoring, only covers the time spent within your allotted session. This means that the following cannot be included:

  • Lesson planning
  • Detailed follow-up
  • Custom-made teaching materials*

*If your sessions touch on something for which Ippo Ippo teaching materials already exist, these may still be shared with you either during the session or as an additional handout to take away at the end.

Find Out More

For more information about what Study Support may look like, have a look at Meet Your Tutor, take a look at these FAQs or find out what students have to say.

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