Tailored Lessons

Looking to make a real difference to your Japanese? Tailored Lessons bring a dedicated focus to you and your studies, spurring you on to achieve your learning goals and revitalise your approach to language learning.

Why Choose Tailored Lessons?

Up until now, you may have learnt as part of a class or through self-study. By taking on a tutor, you are adding an extra level of commitment to your language studies.

Private Tutoring may be a good option for you if:

  • You are looking for extra structure, motivation and support.
  • You want teaching focused specifically on you and your learning goals.
  • You want to take your Japanese studies to the next level.
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What Are Lessons Like?

Tailored Lessons are designed around you, your needs and learning aims. There is no predetermined syllabus, and we can take things as speedily or slowly as you feel comfortable with.

For many students, lessons will be structured around a textbook (e.g. Genki) or materials designed for those sitting the JLPT. However, ticking off a list of vocab or grammar items is never our true aim, and if you would rather totally avoid textbooks, this is also possible.

While overall we will aim to nurture a good balance of your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, many Tailored Lessons revolve mainly around speaking and building the ability to use language with confidence. We will use Japanese in our lessons together from day one, and will always aim to link the language being covered in class with scenarios relevant to your life and interests.

Starting Out: Common Topics

For beginners or elementary learners, common topics include:

  • Self-introductions
  • Visiting someone's home
  • Giving and following directions
  • Shopping and eating out
  • Talking about future plans or past experiences
  • Describing people
  • Expressing opinions and likes/dislikes

Intermediate and Beyond

The further your language advances, the more we will be able to discuss. Topics may include things such as:

  • Current affairs and societal issues (in Japan or elsewhere)
  • Education systems
  • Work culture
  • Pop culture and recent trends
  • Business Japanese or Japanese for formal occasions

Japanese Culture

Want to find out more about life in Japan? Students at all levels can enjoy learning about Japanese culture. For example:

  • Traditional events and festivals
  • Popular sayings - old and new
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Traditional stories and mythology
  • Japanese games

...and more! If you have any particular interests or purposes for which you want to use Japanese (e.g. applying for work, speaking to family members), we can always find a way to incorporate them into lessons.

Tailored Lessons: What's Included?

Before signing up for Tailored Lessons, please read through the following information.


As part of Private Tutoring, you can expect:

  • Materials such as slides and handouts to accompany every lesson
  • Detailed forward planning and direction from your tutor
  • Additional notes on new vocab, grammar and other points covered during the session

Optional Add-ons

The following typically fall outside of standard lesson prep and follow-up:

  • Homework (optional but strongly recommended)
  • Checking any other additional work outside of lesson time

You will always be consulted in advance about these kinds of services, meaning no surprise charges on top of your normal lesson fee.

Find Out More

For more information about what Private Tutoring may look like, have a look at Meet Your Tutor, take a look at these FAQs or find out what students have to say.

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