Top 10 Blog Posts June 2023

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Posted: 30th June 2023


As my blog has been going for a while now, it occurred to me the other day that newer readers may not have seen many of my more popular posts from previous months and years.

If you're looking for some more fun reading on topics such as recommended textbooks and how to learn hiragana and katakana, feel free to use this list as a springboard from which to start exploring.

My Top 10 Blog Posts in June 2023

  1. Word of the Week: うち (uchi)
  2. Word of the Week: 休み (yasumi)
  3. Fun Ways to Learn Hiragana & Katakana (Kana)
  4. 6 Online Resources to Test Your JLPT Skills
  5. What Japanese Textbooks Do I Recommend?
  6. What I've Learnt from 10yrs of Studying Japanese
  7. Word of the Week: 猫舌 (neko jita)
  8. Word of the Week: 冷たい (tsumetai)
  9. Word of the Week: バタバタ (bata bata)
  10. What to Focus on One Month Before the JLPT

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