Word of the Week: 冷たい (tsumetai)

Posted: 21st April 2022

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What does it mean?

冷たい (tsumetai) means 'cold'.

Pretty straightforward, right? However...

If you've ever looked up the Japanese word for 'cold' before, you've probably came across another word: 寒い (samui).

What's the difference between 冷たい (tsumetai) and 寒い (samui)?

First up, 寒い (samui) is the perfect word to describe cold weather or the feeling of being cold, e.g.

  • 今日は寒いですね (kyō wa samui desu ne) - it's cold today, isn't it?
  • 昨日は寒くなかったです (kinō wa samukunakatta desu) - it wasn't cold yesterday
  • 寒い!(samui!) - I'm cold/it's so cold!

冷たい (tsumetai), on the other hand, is used to describe things that are cold to the touch. For example:

  • この水は冷たい (kono mizu wa tsumetai) - this water is cold
  • サムさんの手が冷たい (Samu-san no te ga tsumetai.) - Sam's hand is/hands are cold
  • 今日は暑すぎる!何か冷たいものが飲みたいなぁ。(Kyō wa atsusugiru! Nani ka tsumetai mono ga nomitai naa.) - It's too hot today. I want something cold to drink.

You can also extend 冷たい (tsumetai) to describing people!

  • あの人は冷たい (ano hito wa tsumetai) - that person is [emotionally] cold
  • 冷たくしないで (tsumetaku shinaide) - don't be cold to me/don't give me the cold shoulder
  • 会議中にギャグを言ったら、周りの人から冷たい目で見られた (Kaigichuu ni gyagu wo ittara, mawari no hito kara tsumetai me de mirareta) - I made a joke in a meeting and got cold looks from the people around me

When might I use 冷たい (tsumetai)?

Although 冷たい (tsumetai) is all about things being cold, it's not all about the cold months of the year! In fact, it's a really handy word for in the summer when you want a nice cool drink or something cold to eat (black sesame ice cream, anyone?).

Although it can be easy to mix up 冷たい (tsumetai) and 寒い (samui) - I still do it 10yrs into learning Japanese! - adding 冷たい (tsumetai) to your vocab can really add to the range of situations you can talk about in Japanese.

You've reached the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed it.

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