Nihongo Picnic・日本語ピクニック

In-Person Event | The Meadows, Edinburgh

Wed 21st August, 5:30pm onwards | FREE EVENT

Join us for a relaxed gathering of Japanese learners and speakers based in and around Edinburgh.

Nihongo Picnic is a chance to meet up and chat with other Japanese learners and speakers based in and around Edinburgh.

As this is a pot luck picnic, please bring snacks, drinks and blankets along with you!

  • Location: The Meadows, Edinburgh (click here for precise location)




  • 集合場所:エジンバラ、ザ・メドーズ(詳しくこちら
Nihongo Picnic_Jul 2023 #2
Nihongo Picnic_Jul 2023

Nihongo Picnic Jul 2023

Nihongo Picnic Aug 22

Nihongo Picnic Aug 2022


Signup is not essential, but helps us a lot to get an idea of numbers.


Meet the Organisers・主催者について

Event FAQs・よくあるご質問


Not at all! Anyone with an interest in Japanese language and/or culture is welcome.

  • In case of light to moderate rain, we will aim to relocate to a nearby café or other suitable venue. In case of severe rain or other bad weather, we may choose to cancel/postpone the event.
  • Any changes will be announced on this page and sent directly via email to those who register on Eventbrite or the Ippo Ippo Japanese website.
  • 小雨程度であれば近隣のカフェ等に移動して開催したいと思います。大雨の場合は、イベントのキャンセルまたは延期を検討します。
  • イベントに関して何か変更がある場合はこのサイトでお知らせします。また、EventbriteやIppo Ippoのサイトからお申し込みの方にはメールでも変更についてご連絡します。

Sign Up・事前登録

Please note: signup will close 24hrs before the event.

The following information will be used only for the purpose of this event and will not be shared with any third parties outside the event organisers.



Nihongo Picnic

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Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to participate. For example, feel free to share any disability, neurodivergency or accessibility information, your pronouns or anything else that may be relevant. イベントに参加しやすいように、何か伝えたいこと(障がいやニューロダイバーシティ(ADHD、自閉スペクトラム症等)、代名詞等々)がありましたらぜひ教えてください。
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