Ippo Ippo Socials & Past Events

Ippo Ippo Socials

Since founding Ippo Ippo Japanese in January 2020, I've always wanted to create a friendly, fun, supportive space for learners of Japanese not just in the classroom, but in the wider community as well.

To find out more about socials, including how you can take part, please read on.

Who Are Socials For?

Socials take place in Edinburgh and are aimed at two groups of people:

  • Ippo Ippo Japanese students (past and present)
  • Japanese learners and speakers interested in connecting with other learners and/or potential language exchange partners

What Kind of Socials Do You Run?

Past socials have included:

At in-person socials, we usually go for a meal at a Japanese restaurant before doing something else such as going to see a film.

Events are for those aged 18+ unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Nihongo Picnic_Jul 2023

How Can I Find Out More?

The best way to keep up with upcoming socials is by subscribing to my newsletter.

I also typically share events on Meetup, Eventbrite and the Ippo Ippo Japanese Facebook Group.

Past Events

Ippo Ippo Japanese is a small independent tutoring business. As I'm just one person, I unfortunately can't run all the events I'd like to at once.

If you're looking for an event to take part in but don't see anything that seems right for you at the moment, feel free to scroll down for an idea of the kind of events that I have run in the past, as these may repeat in future.

I also recommend subscribing to the Ippo Ippo Japanese Newsletter for monthly updates and special offers including discount codes.

Please note: the following are listed chronologically, with the most recent events shown first.


Japanese Taster


Event_autumn equinox

Japan's Autumnal Equinox


Rainy Season Event

Crafts & Culture: Japanese Rainy Season


Tadoku_event 1

Tadoku Tasters


Class photo_Explore Japanese

Explore Japanese


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