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Anytime Courses (Video Lessons)

Anytime Courses are recorded versions of courses that you can access at any time. Lessons are shared privately via YouTube, making them easy to watch whenever - and wherever - suits you.

Anytime Courses are a great option for you if:

  • You enjoy learning via video
  • You like working independently
  • You would prefer to set your own flexible study schedule
  • You would like the freedom to rewind or rewatch lessons at your own pace

Note: the only Anytime Course currently available is Japanese for Beginners 1. If Anytime Courses prove to be popular, I may in future produce more.

Anytime Course: Japanese for Beginners 1

Watch Now: Free Sample Lesson

The following is a free sample lesson from my popular course Japanese for Beginners 1.

As the first lesson in the course, this video contains extra introductory info that extends the time to 90mins. See the FAQs below for more info on lesson length.

How Do I Book a Course?

  1. Visit the Ippo Ippo Shop
  2. Select a course*
  3. Opt in for homework (optional)
  4. Make your booking
  5. I will contact you to arrange a study schedule and begin sharing course materials

*Note: the only Anytime Course currently available is Japanese for Beginners 1. If Anytime Courses prove to be popular, I may in future produce more.


Lessons are typically between 45mins and 1hr long (excluding the first lesson, which is longer due to including an intro to the course and other introductory details).

I recommend selecting homework if you aren't quite sure how to practise Japanese by yourself and are keen to get more input from a tutor (me).

Having homework means:

  • I will set you homework tasks to complete after each lesson
  • You will get feedback from me on said homework

As not everyone wants homework, I've decided to make it an optional add-on.

A study schedule is an informal agreement between us about the rough pace by which you want to cover the course.

Generally speaking, I recommend watching one video per week or per fortnight, as this mimics the case of a live course and gives you time to practise new language points between lessons.

While I can release all videos at once if you prefer, most learners pick a set day on which I'll send you the video link and other materials for each lesson, e.g. every Friday. This helps provide a balance between self-directed learning (led by you) and structure (provided by me).

As well as the videos themselves, you will get:

  • A course plan outlining what each lesson will cover
  • A PDF copy of slides for each lesson
  • Additional materials for some lessons (e.g. special vocab sheets, activity worksheets)
  • A homework folder where a) I will update you with any homework due and b) you can share completed homework tasks

All of the above is typically shared via Google Drive. It is all included in the course with no extra charge.

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