Why Try Tadoku?

Have you heard of tadoku before?

Tadoku is an innovative approach to learning via reading, and one of the things I really like about it is how it helps us question traditional ways of approaching learning a language.

Up till now, you may have been told:

  • Only read materials that will challenge you
  • Use a dictionary for words you don’t know
  • Persevere with language you don’t understand

However, according to tadoku, you should instead:

  • Start with materials you find almost too easy
  • Don’t use a dictionary
  • Skip language you don’t understand

Of course, there's no one way you "should" learn anything, but if you're looking to change up your Japanese study methods, I can really recommend giving tadoku a go!

Even if you don't like all of the rules of tadoku, the great thing about learning outside of a traditional classroom is that you can pick and choose from the ones that work for you.

If you're interested in giving tadoku a try and happen to live in Edinburgh, check out the Japanese Book Club.

You've reached the end of this post! I hope you enjoyed it.

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